Thoughts of late

16 Feb

Lately I have been thinking about something that some of the old old anarchist theorists said: there is no such thing as a revolutionary government. I feel like it was Bakunin who said that, (during the whole Bakunin/Marx fall out split in the International events) but don’t take my word for it. But anyway, what that means is that any group no matter how extreme or radical, once institutionalized, will not remain revolutionary. A government is a government is a government, and the whole idea of Marx and them of starting off by taking over the government and then gradually after a while getting rid of the government would not work. People do not tend to want to give up their power. Any revolutionary group, once reduced to bureacratic functioning will become of itself, and not of the people.

Also, people at my college have been talking about starting a chapter of SDS- Students for a Democratic Society. Who in their right mind actually thinks democracy is a good idea. I can’t belive they are wasting effort on it. I think that not only does the prior reputation of SDS from the 60’s actually hurt them, but also that a democratic society is not a solution to the plethora of systematic problems we have.

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