Richmond missions

5 Apr

I have some things that qualify as ‘to do’ things that must be done this summer in Richmond. Some of these are also questions about RIchmond that I want to find out the answers to.
I want to (know):

Work in an animal shelter

Work in a prison, maybe tutoring

Learn more about the jail and juvenile detention center in Hanover and the men and women’s jails in Richmond. See what groups already work in those places and where potential for more work lies

Books to prisoners program

Critical Mass

Really really free markets

Do Food Not Bombs Every Sunday

Queer Paradise project

What is Richmond’s identity?

What is the Ethyl corporation up to now days?

How is the Fulton Hill Community Center doing?

Are there any community gardens? (If so maybe do some work in those places)

Go to the Flying Brick Library already! Meet those people and read some of the stuff they have.

Learn more about the Tent City that was in Monroe Park. Also what about this new campaign to revamp Monroe Park- watch where that is going.

Where are the homeless programs located now in the city?

The Food Bank is starting a community kitchen- see where that is.

Re-cycles and the Bike lot thing that I saw on myspace- what are these groups doing in terms of bike advocacy etc. Can I work on bikes with them? Participate in bike rides/races.

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