Stuff I’m Gonna Do

5 Apr

This is a list I started in New Orleans over Spring Break mostly because I got so happy and inspired down there, what with the people in the squat we stayed in and the Iron Rail Bookstore/ Infoshop/ Aboveground Zine Library. I made the list because I did not want to lose the momentum I felt. And I am putting the list online because I am sure I will lose the paper I wrote it on, if not the momentum.
The List:

Make/get screen printing equipment and learn to screen print

Make “Clean Kids Get Sick and Die” Stencil/ Tattoo design

Get Tattoo Ink (check, well I got india ink anyways)

Pierce  lip

Pierce ears

Practice drawing

Read a lot of zines

Write about NOLA

Write a zine already

Keep up correspondances

Run More

Climb trees


Make a drum and drumsticks and learn to play

Yoink father’s washboard and learn to play

Learn about herbs and herbal medicine

Learn to play an instrument (see drum and washboard)

Write songs


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  1. Robb Roemershauser May 10, 2007 at 6:46 am #

    Thank you for checking out the zine library and feeling happy about it. That zine library almost got flooded. I had a 3 floor house I was living in and it stayed dried.

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