Four Days in September

6 Apr

I just watched 4 days in september for my class From the Grassroots to the Streetroots; Urban Social Movements in Latin America. Watching stuff like that always sits heavy on my brain. THe way so many people have made huge sacrifices in the name of freedom and revolution. And so many have died, and been tortured. And pretty damned close to forgotten. We can’t let them be forgotten. It is crazy how much goes on that we don’t know about.

It makes me think about what sacrifices I would make. And I wonder about methodology too. I do see the value in taking a hostage if you can get political prisoners out, but it is really risky. I would not torture. And I would not want to kill the hostage, unless they were actually a bad guy (but you can’t really kidnap a bad guy cause the other bad guys will just let them die and be a martyr…it has to be someone they would get BAD pr for letting die, not someone they could turn into a hero for dying). I need to write my paper…

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