Birth Control

7 Apr

I stopped taking birth control I think at the end of January-ish. I realized that it is totally whacko and I don’t like medicine and I was only taking it cause I don’t really know. And I didn’t even remember to take it all the time, so chances were I was putting all kinds of hormones in my body, but without preventing pregnancy.

And birth control makes you feel less like you need a condom. BUT YOU ALWAYS NEED A CONDOM.

We all got HIV tests in New Orleans to get our friends some gift cards to Lowes so they could get tools to work on their house with. Being negative is great, and I’m going to stay that way.

But I am happy, even though I’m on my period, which is ouchy, makes me tired,  and prevents any hooking up this weekend, because this is NATURAL. This is what my body is meant to do. It is also natural to want chocolate, which I shall now go eat. I found a chocolate bar that lists the last ingredient as ‘chocolate magic’….clearly the chocolate bar for me.

And I think that if I did get pregnant at this point in my life I would keep the kiddo. I could handle it, I could suck it up, pull myself along by the bootstraps and take care of a baby. For me, at this point, I think it would be really selfish not to.

Not that I’m looking to get preggers. I have a lot of condoms.

Hormones and chemicals that I don’t know what they are doing to me are not healthy, are not a good idea, and support really not good corporations.

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