1 Oct

I don’t really know anything about how to interview people, but I have had luck contacting some really active people from the Food Not Bombs movement in Richmond, and they are all super friendly and willing to help me with my project. I’m going back to Richmond in November to talk to folks and do some research locally. I also want to do like one Richmond activist did and walk the streets and highlight all the streets I’ve been on.

For the crafted city class I am doing my final project on culture/art in Richmond, but I don’t know what part specifically I should focus on.

Some of my ideas are:

the proposed performing arts center

controversies over the effect of VCU as an art school on the working class population in Richmond- like invasion of Oregon Hill, Carver, and Jackson Ward

Street art
urban art
sanctioned murals
first fridays (and the organization that puts them on)

plant zero
Street boards/plywood art

Anybody have any ideas?

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