Cuddle Puddles and Hot Pants

9 Oct

Cuddle Puddles and Hot Pants is the name of my zine, the first issue of which is coming out next week (once the copies are made). To purchase a copy, please got to my current website or email It should only cost 2 bucks I think, will know once the printer gets back to me. It has everything from music reviews, silly drawings by me, pictures of friends, cuddle puddles, hot pants, why I’m straight edge, history, stories, vegan recipe, medical advice, my trip to London, etc. A schmorgashboard of amazingness.  It is 32 half pages of good readin. An excerpt to tease you:

Hot pants make me feel silly and sexy and hot and adventurous. I feel like a superhero when I wear them. Which is why they are good for getting pumped about the Apocalypse. They are good for dancing, and bike riding, and anything when you want to feel spiffy. They are even more fun when you get a whole group of friends to wear hot pants together. Makes for quite a night on the town. Hot pants are for people of all identities and genitalia! Some people like me wear them with underwear, some people don’t *gasp*. I think that we all are guilty of taking ourselves too seriously sometimes, and hot pants are a really good way to subvert that. Wearing a goofy pair of hot pants to a punk show, hopping a freight train, or on a cross town handle bar bike adventure is kind of like saying, hey its ok don’t be so serious, lets have some good hearted fun. If you have pictures of you or your friends wearing hot pants, submit them and your stories about hot pants to me and maybe I’ll make a zine all about hot pants. That would be fuuun.

Straight Edge is not what people usually think about when they meet me. I actually look a lot more like a stereotypical ‘drunk punk’. And that makes sense, cause that is basically what I used to be. I was a wicked bad alcoholic and partier. Which was unfortunate cause it made me behave in unfortunate ways. I’m really lucky I didn’t fuck up big time.

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