Readin up on Civil Rights

22 Oct

I just finished a book called Civilities and Civil Rights: Greensboro, North Carolina, and the Black Struggle for Freedom by William H. CHafe. I’m trying to bolster my civil rights knowledge just as a foundation for my life in general and my senior thesis specifically. It was interesting to read because the first sit-ins occurred in Greensboro. Also, it documented the sometimes opposing and sometimes cooperative trends among civil rights activists of reformism and radicalism. I did not understand at all before where the black power movement came from, but this book does an excellent job of revealing how the reform movement was repeatedly frustrated and dicked around by the civilities, consensus, paternalism etc. of white people in response to their demands, and thus spawned some more revolutionary people. I found myself really understanding why reformism was rejected by people, because of the ways the status quo and powers that be perpetuate themselves and are so slow to respond. Sucks that the same tactics are going on now days too.

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