I love piercing!

28 Oct

I’m getting more pysched on the possibility of being a piercer then tattooist later on down the line. I pierced my lip 2 more times yesterday, on either side of my middle labret, giving myself FANGS!!! Or that is what I think of them as. The piercings went really well, especially considering I did it by myself in about 10 minutes with no assistant.  The placement is really good too.

Then today I pierced an eyebrow for the first time. The placement was really good, and the piercing went smoothly. I lost the needle when I was following with the jewelry, and so couldn’t get the jewelry out the other hole, and then the patient was real light headed and had to lay down. But while he was down I found the hole and got the jewelry on correctly,  and it looked good despite that issue. I just need more practice.

But it doesn’t freak me out and I’m getting much more confident about it, and branching out from mostly ear piercings. So hopefully this will become a viable option for me in the future. It is fun, and I’d love to do it in a shop with the correct equipment.

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