Bank of America Demo

19 Nov

On Friday (the 16th) I went to a Demo against Bank of America organized by one of my friends and some people from VCU. We were protesting the way that BOA claims to be working for the environment and against global warming, and yet put their money in the hands of many energy and coal companies which are building new coal plants as well as participating in mountain top removal. Essentially, they are ruining the environment, participating in the destruction of the appalachain mountains and the communities in those areas- and putting all of those people at risk. Companies like Massey Energy are well known for their violations of the not very effective environmental laws in place in this country. We had some really good fliers, 2 big banners, and about 15 of us. We stood outside the downtown bank and handed out the fliers and talked to people. It was a totally legal action, and we did not have any trouble from the police. I think it was effective, just in that we got the idea on more people’s minds. I closed my BOA account because of their policies (something I’ve been meaning to do for some time). richmondfall2007-038.jpg

Here is more information about Bank of America and their policies:

Join Rainforest Action Network, Coal River Mountain Watch, Appalachian Voices , Rising Tide, Mountain Justice Summer, SEAC and a cast of thousands as we mobilize to stop Bank of America and Citi’s investments in climate change and the dirty coal industry!

Just a FEW things about BOA:

– Bank of America has financed dozens of new coal-fired power plants to the tune of billions of dollars. If these proposed plants are built, BOA will be helping finance hundreds of millions of tons of new C02 emissions every single year.

– Peabody Energy is the largest coal mining company in the world. In 2006, Bank of America helped financed more than $4 billion of the company’s controversial mining operations in the Black Mesa region of northeastern Arizona

– Bank of America has invested billions of dollars in companies that practice Mountaintop Removal, including Massey Energy, Arch Coal, Alpha Natural Resources and others

For more info on the days of action:

More info about BOA involvement:

Peabody Energy and Black Mesa:

I do not think that any banks are good. But it is still important to make people aware of what they are supporting. Because you should at least know the implications of your actions and come to terms with that. I have also heard that Wachovia funds Huntington Life Sciences (the groups that tests on animals) but I need to confirm that ( It actually looks like Wachovia dropped HLS, according to an article posted today on that website. Alternatives to banks, aside from the old Mason Jar and a shovel trick, are not extensive. What I am going to try now is the Virginia Credit Union. Credit Unions are supposed to be non-profit, so they have the potential to be less evil.


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    It was great seeing you on Friday! I wanted to let you know I just wrote a post about you!

    Happy Thanksgiving, Moriah!

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