Birth Control Cont.

29 Nov

So, I’ve been wondering about this phenomena of people wanting something that they were preventing from having for a long time, and because they were prevented from having it, they now want it regardless of the potential harmful parts about it. I think there must be some name for this phenomena, but I don’t know what it is.

Examples of this would be maybe kids not being allowed to drink, and so once they are allowed to, or even once they can get their hands on it, they go berserk. One that was given at CLIT Fest is of women of color who insist on giving birth in hospitals (because, for a long time, the ‘best’ medical care was not available to them) even though now there are some big moves saying that midwives are a healthier choice.

A big issue I see, especially around feminism, is birth control. Birth control certainly falls into the category of something women were not allowed access to for a very long time. But now that they are, there is the question of whether or not it is a good thing. Personally, I see lots of negative side effects of hormonal birth control. I think it is harmful to women. The long term effects are not known. I am particularly sketched out by ones that give you only 4 periods a year. Birth control, as marketed to women in a capitalist society, is doing things to seperate women from knowledge of their bodies. That cannot be good. Sexual freedom is good, definitely. And the autonomy to make choices about birth control is also good. But when birth control becomes a consumer item, trendy, etc. I think that a lot of care about its physical impacts on our bodies gets lost.

We need to understand our bodies, not limit their functioning. I’m scared about what impacts birth control has on women’s bodies. Hormones are very powerful things. The list of potential side effects from birth control is scary and impressive- everything from stroke, weight gain depression. It is powerful stuff, and should not be a decision taken lightly.

Does anyone know any websites with more information about the impact of birth control on women’s bodies?


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