Updated Goals for Self

29 Dec

I think I have been making pretty good progress on my 101 goals. I’ve even added a couple more goals AND ended up completing some already that I figured would take some time to do – like get a dog.

It is hard to quantify how many I have completed, just because some of them are longterm goals, or goals that I have done part of.  But I would say it is good progress and that making a list of goals has been helpful. My weakest  part is the exercising with consistancy part- need major work on that.

I want to make more goals and add them to the list.

101 Goals
1- Graduate College

2- Recertify EMT license

3-Publish Climbing Zine

4- Publish Cuddle Puddles and Hot Pants #2 before the end of college

5- Get a real website for Approaching Apocalypse zine distro

6- Fill my sketch book with drawings

7- Get a dog from the pitbull rescue people

8- Become a piercing apprentice/ piercer

9-Run a marathon

10- Run 5 5ks (1/5)
11- Learn to roller skate well

12- Plant a garden

13- Get more tattoos (got 2 more so far)

14- Get Wilderness EMT certified

15- Draw a tattoo myself that I get line for line

16- Get a non Bank of America bank account

17- Do Food Not Bombs whenever in RIchmond, no slacking (4/?)

18- Drink 64 ounces of water a day minimum (pretty good at this)

19- Walk all the streets in RIchmond and highlight them on a map once marked (Jim Straub style)

20- Publish a more political zine

21- Finish and Publish book on contemporary radical activism

22- Learn to ride a fixed gear bike

23- Get a fixed gear bike

24- Dumpster more food than I buy

25- Hug at least one person every day (50/1001)
26- Practice drawing enough to get good and start working in a tattoo shop (been working on it)

27- Figure out what I want my knuckles to say- More Than, Grit Yall, etc. – 

I decided on MORE THAN

28- Stop drinking soda ever at all any

29- Cut corn syrup out of diet

30- Avoid putting sugar in coffee ever

31- Go rockclimbing somewhere outdoors in Virginia

32- Learn to Kayak

33- Get a bike cart

34- Learn to play the washboard

35- Go to clinic defense at least once

36-Go to a city council meeting, just to see whats up
37-Buy vegetables from local farmers during the summer
38-Participate in vegan potluck whenever possible (gone 2/2 possible times so far)
39-Go to at least one show a month (2/33)
40-Read The Autobiography of Malcolm X and other books about civil rights and black power movements

41-Be climbing consistantly enough to climb 5.11s
42-Finish sewing on the patches I’ve been meaning to sew on
43-Not ever buy any pepsi. coke, or Phillip Morris products (I cut soda out of my diet, that is a big start)
44-Spend more money at thrift stores than non-thrift stores

45-Have a healthy relationship that lasts longer than 2 months
46- Lift weights at least once a week (needs work)
47-Go running at least twice a week (needs work)
48-Do 50 situps before bed every night (Needs work)
49-Do 10 pushups before bed every night (needs work)

50-Don’t ever go back to deodorant or shaving
51-Stay vegan
52-Stay edge

53-Read one book/zine for pleasure every week (8/143)
54-Ride in 2 Critical Mass rides a year (0/6)
55-Listen to one CD I love a day

56- Take at least 5 Juijitsu classes (0/5)
57- Get Virginia EMT certified

58-At least look into taking a Paramedic course

59-Go on at least 1 multi-night camping trip

60-Look into taking a NOLS, Tom Brown, or Ruckus outdoor course

61-Go out of my way to be nice at least once a week(8/143)
62-Write a letter a week to someone (8/143)
63-work on communication skills
64-Find a place I like to volunteer at and volunteer at least once a month (ie- SPCA) (2/33)

65-Create posters/stencils that reflect my political beliefs and spread them around

66-Research squatting in Virginia, consider squatting some buildings in RIchmond
67-Help organize/work in a community garden
68-Ride the Virginia ‘diamond’ on coal cars

69-travel by freight train on a good length trip

70- travel by hitch hiking for a large distance

71- Never get married (unless very very financially helpful)
72-Never own a car, use bike and public transportation
73-Find a way to work on Spanish skills
74-Learn how to screen print and actually build one and do it
75-Make some sweet stencils and patches
76-Make buttons with button maker
77-Wake up early and exercise or stretch or read at least 5 days a week

78-Cut down on TV/Movie watching
79- Play a board or card game at least once a month with friends(2/33) (Turns out I tend to do this more than once a month)
80-Go skinny dippin in the James

81- Ride my bike naked
82-Get a job cooking somewhere
83-Do a complete overhaul of belongings and donate / recycle everything that is no longer relevant/needed (after graduation)

84-Travel to the west coast to visit friends and see what it is like
85-Go to a tattoo convention
86-Go to a zine convention
87-Organize at least 10  sports games with friends- tag/soccer/hide and seek etc. (0/10)
88-Learn more hula hoop tricks- fire hooping

89- Organize an infoshop
90-Organize a social center
91-Never eat out more than once a week, and if you do, then can’t eat out the next week (0/143)

92-Attempt meditation or yoga
93-learn to drive stick shift well
94-Keep a budget, write it down so I know what I’m making and what I’m spending

95-Complete at least 20 sewing projects (3/20)

96-Adopt a cat from the pound
97-Visit the Edgar Allan Poe museum in Richmond

98-Read all of the books I own, listen to all the cds I own, watch all the DVDs I own
99-Go on 5 hikes (0/5)
100-Actually save some money in savings account (Got a new account, seem to be saving)
101-Start a club of some sort in Richmond
102- Learn to run a Books for Prisoners program
103- Stop eating sugar

2 Responses to “Updated Goals for Self”

  1. blackstone January 3, 2008 at 3:00 am #

    Good goals! But what’s wrong with deodarant? Did i miss a memo?

  2. anarchymo January 3, 2008 at 3:43 am #

    Deoderant typically is either part anti-persperant, meaning it clogs up your pores, forcing all of your sweat and other gunk to stay in your armpit and not get out like it should. Most deoderant also contains aluminum which is really bad for you as well (if I recall correctly it has been linked to cancer? and also lots of people get cysts in their armpits from deoderant clogging ness. a lot of the perfumes and chemicals
    Aside from the health issues with deoderant is the fact that we do not NEED it. Stinking is ok. Generally, people have been convinced that the way they naturally smell is bad, but I think that is a load of hooey being fed to us by capitalist producers in order to get us to buy some more crap we do not need and that is bad for us and the environment. I like the way indivduals smell, I’d rather that than be wiffing some fake ass teen spirit smell. that smell is false. We also wouldn’t think that natural smells were ‘bad’ if we were used to them.

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