Personal Hygiene – From Cuddle Puddles and Hot Pants #2

1 Feb

Personal Hygiene- Or The Way I Smell and Why it is Ok

My friend James has this really good way of putting the whole ‘personal hygiene’ issue. He says, that when people cover up their natural body smells -with deodorant, perfume, cologne, whatever- they are being liars. Liars. That attitude is what helps me remember why I do not wear deodorant or perfume or nothin. Cause it sucks when everybody crinkles their nose in your presence and makes comments about the way you smell. But, it just sucks for them that they insist on not only being dishonest about what they smell like, but for PAYING THE CAPITALISTS for the privilege of lying. A lot of the whole personal hygiene campaign seems directly tied to attempts at convincing people that they need to consume certain products in order to be ‘cool’ or ‘good’ or ‘sexy’ and ‘attractive’. That is a bunch of LIES. I think it is hot when people smell like themselves, and gross when they smell like something that comes from a bottle. The unique scents that people have are attractive. I remember personal scents, long after a person leaves. A bandanna, or piece of clothing can remind me of the smell of them. That smell becomes associated with everything about them. When a lover is gone, the pillow that smells like them is a nice reminder. So add it to the list of things which we have to be brave enough and strong enough to stand up against- social norms about what it means to be ‘clean’ or ‘hygienic’. Stand strong against the pressure to use deodorant or perfume or any other sort of capitalist product which likely does more harm to your physical body than good, and which turns you into a liar. I don’t want to be like 6 billion other people, so why would I want to smell like them?

2 Responses to “Personal Hygiene – From Cuddle Puddles and Hot Pants #2”

  1. The Red Son February 7, 2008 at 6:54 pm #

    Yah, people who think I stink can go fuck themselves for all I care.

  2. The Red Son February 12, 2009 at 7:17 am #

    That includes that management at the natural food store at which I work, who have threatened to fire me if I do not start smelling better.

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