January Critical Mass Bike Ride

5 Jan


January Critical Mass
Family-Friendly Group Ride for Cyclist Rights!!
Event InfoHost:
Richmond Community
Sports – Pep Rally
Time and PlaceDate:
Friday, January 30, 2009
5:00pm – 7:00pm
Monroe Park
Main and Laurel
Richmond, VA

Contact InfoPhone:
Join other Richmond Cyclists and bike riders and fixed gear fanatics and belle isle mountain bikers and tricyclists and everyone who likes moving without motors for a monthly bike ride to assert bike rights and to make cyclists in Richmond visible.

All sectors of bike culture in Richmond are welcome and encouraged.

Critical Mass bike rides are a strategy that has been used all over the country to make visible how many bikes there are on the road. Keeping visible, and always working for more bikes and fewer cars can help keep us safe.

By riding together and showing the number of people who are passionate about riding bikes we can make our presence known, encourage others to start riding bikes, and have a lot of fun!

So if you want to come ride, please do! Tell your friends, bring your kids, bring your tall bike, bring your smile. Lets show Richmond how much more fun it is to ride a bike with a group of friends than it is to sit alienated in a car.

Make your own fliers if you want to advertise the event or to pass out to pedestrians and motorists we pass on the ride.

Meet at 5, at the corner of Main and Laurel in Monroe Park, right across the street from the Landmark Theater. We will plan to head out at 5:30.
We will decide on the route we want to take together!

Make sure you dress warmly and helmets are encouraged!

I know that Critical Mass rides are a tactic that have been highly debated/criticized/ discussed. I know that in Richmond and other places there have been some rides that were super awesome, some that really got the point across, and some that left participants feeling not so good. But don’t write off Critical Mass all together because of some bad experiences. We can make this what we want it to be. If nothing else it can be a super fun group ride.
Give it a shot, come and talk about your past experiences with such rides- positive and negative

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