Truck Conversion

5 Sep

I’m currently in Ann Arbor, MI, because I had to come here to get a fine fellow name of Joe, to help me convert my F250 diesel to vegetable oil. I have a turbo diesel, which requires an adjustment different from a non turbo diesel conversion. I’m really excited to have a veggie truck!!! I’m going to have to start collecting and filtering vegetable oil when I get back to Richmond. Any advice/help on that wanted. But once I have it all down this should be epic. I’ll be so much more capable of dumpstering and food not bombs trips without so much money spent. GIVE ME ALL YOUR OILZ


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  1. The Red Son September 7, 2009 at 3:31 am #

    Good luck. Although I had a slum/land lord who ran his ford f-series on straight grease in the summer in Mass. I guess he had the hook up on some kind of super filtering process. Looking at getting a Mercedes sedan to grease after my plan to buy and install a new engine in a friend’s VW bus proved to be too expensive, even if I could make stir-frys in the back.

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