The Wingnut Wants Your Junk!!! (haha)

1 Oct
The Wingnut Wants Your Stuff!!
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Johnny Ray, Jeremy and myself have been working our butts off fixing up the Wingnut (our house in Barton Heights on Northside). It looks like we will be done with the getting the house up to code construction very soon. But we will still have lots of work to do- we are going to be implementing strategies to make the house more sustainable as well as more fun. We are also looking to gather materials so we can make the house a super good environment for Food Not Bombs, and also make Food Not Bombs more sustainable. If you have any thing that you think we might like (remember, we are wingnuts) let us know and we can even come pick it up. Or if you want a tour of the house (you know you do, its flippin sweet) you can call me and arrange a time to come on by!

Ideas for the type of stuff we are looking for:
5 gallon buckets
picture frames
arts and crafts supplies
curtain rods
random hardware
pots for plants
nozzles for hoses
decent furniture
kitchen supplies
tupperware (big totes and little ones)

We are also looking for ceramic plates- like a TON, so that when Food Not Bombs moves to the Wingnut we can start using re-useable plates every week instead of paper plates.

So for Food Not Bombs:
Ceramic Plates
Ceramic Mugs
Cutting Boards
2 by 4s

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