Tricycle Gardens- Uh Oh

14 Feb

Last week I talked to Lisa Taranto on the phone, and was really dismayed at what I found out about Tricycle gardens and their assessment of economic issues. So I posted a comment on Christopher MAxwell’s profile when he was talking about a Tricycle Gardens. Woke up this morning to a personal attack in my email from Lisa Taranto of Tricycle Gardens.

I had originally said ” I am not sure how I feel about Tricycle Gardens. Lisa told me that “food should not be charity”and because tricycle believes that we should have a world of equal job opportunity they wont do a free workshop. Sorta started to sound less like community gardens and More like just another self serving non profit.”

From Lisa Taranto to me:

so during a 5 minute conversation you say you understand the mission of Tricycle Gardens, understand that it is about economic development, and then in a public forum you slam us?

Is that the “code of anarchy”?

If you would like to slam me, do it to my face, not it the relative safety of a facebook thread. That helps no one.
And you went to Hampshire?
did they let you go for free?
ain’t no community college, that’s for sure. guess the $40K tuition didn’t include an economics class.

~~~~~~~~~ My Response~~~~~
Hey Lisa
I was criticizing Tricycle Gardens, not you. But thanks for the personal attack, really shows your maturity.
I am allowed to disagree with your idea that “food isn’t charity”, and I can talk about that in a public forum. And I actually know quite a bit about economics and economic theory. But that does not mean that I agree with you. And Not agreeing with you does not make me wrong or stupid or uninformed.

And later, Lisa’s response:


I apologize for being reactionary. We have worked really hard to build Tricycle Gardens, to address the needs of the diverse community of Richmond. While food as charity certainly is important, our mission is about creating jobs and food-about developing a healthier food economy in a culture which hold the $1 hamburger as an accomplishment, rather than recognizing the costs to the environment and the workers.

We see that environmental, economic and social justice are linked, and thru our work, if we can create jobs which also restore ecologies, then we can create real change.

Again, I apologize for responding with anger. I trust we can find common ground on which to move forward and create a more just economy.

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