Why I do Food Not Bombs

23 Feb

I have been doing Food Not Bombs on and off since I was about 16. I’m 23 now.

I think it is time I took a few moments to reflect on why I do Food Not Bombs.

I do Food Not Bombs because I see a need, in Richmond, as in most places, for a redistribution of resources, including food.  There is a ton of food that goes to waste (aka gets thrown out by lazy and greedy people) and on the other hand a lot of people who go hungry, or don’t have access to healthy food, or struggle a lot to be able to eat.

Providing free food has the potential to help folks stay healthy, remove some stress from their lives, and keep less going to the landfills.

And that is all the sort of nuts and bolts of it. Ultimately I have to talk about social justice to talk about why I think Food Not Bombs matters. I think we have the potential to build community. Both among the people who come to cook and among the people who  come to eat. And through the overlap of those two groups as well.

Mutual Aid is basically the idea of just helping other people in the ways that you know how. And at this point I really do know how to do Food Not Bombs. I know the ins an outs of how we do it in Richmond, and I know how to get food and cook food. Providing food is something I can do.

We can build community, we can start with something as simple as food, and we can share, and through this build a sense of good will, of solidarity, build connections and build hope. We can offer our support to other groups, like we do with REPHRAME (www.rephrame.blogspot.com).

I do Food Not Bombs because I care about people. I don’t know what else I could do with my Sunday afternoons that would be as directly effective in helping out my community.


If you are interested in helping out with Food Not Bombs you can call 804 300 0023 or 804 303 5449 for more information. Or email xveganarchistrvax@gmail.com

We can always use material support in the form of: canned fruits and vegetables, spices, cutting boards, paper plates, ceramic plates, plastic silverware, napkins, paper towels, garlic, onions, sponges, dish soap, condoms, ladles, big pots, seeds, 2 by 4s, hot sauce, salt, coffee, tea, drink mix etc.

We want to start cooking on a second day and doing a serving in Barton Heights on the Northside of Richmond. If you have access to produce from a grocery store or restaurant that we could pick up on Thursdays or Friday mornings please let us know.

You can come help cook at 2005 Barton Avenue, Richmond Virginia 23222  on Sundays from Noon til 4 and then from 5-6 to help clean up.

You can come eat with us at 4pm on Sundays in Monroe Park in Richmond, at the corner of Main and Belvidere.

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