Anarchism- what it means

25 Feb

I believe that any anarchist who lets others know of their belief spends a lot of time fielding really pesky questions about what anarchism is and how it would work and isn’t that just chaos and blahblahblah.

And then as anarchists we also spend a lot of time working against the MANY facets of society that are all about repression, oppression, cruelty, greed etc. We do this because that is what we have to do to work towards the world of healthy communities that take care of each other that we want to see. A huge part of our task is this struggle.

And we get angry. We get so angry. And we should. And we have to. Because a lot of times the alternative is sad, the sort of sadness that is so completely disabling. It is better to have the fire of anger than to give up, than to let go, than to quit.

Anger can sometimes be useful, but sometimes that fire can be too all consuming. I believe that many times we forget what anarchism is really all about. Anarchism is about smashing the state, and it is about shutting down the corporations, and it is about destroying patriarchy and ending all the isms, about confronting and challenging privilege etc. We live is such a fucked up world that we have to spend so much time fighting to keep people from suffering.


Oh yea, people. Anarchism is about no government- but it is about no government because we believe that such a society would be better for people. We care about people.

At its roots, anarchism is about caring for people and loving people. Thats why I am an anarchist.

Our activism might look a little bit different if we tried to remember that anarchy is about loving people more often. I don’t think it would change everything, because we still need to fight and struggle and be angry. But remembering people might actually help us be more effective. It might help us break out of the anarchist rhetoric and pattern of behavior we often get tangled up in. We hang out with a lot of anarchists. But until we just hang out with people we won’t know how to do the best work we could be doing.

I want to smash the fucking state, out of love.

I want to destroy patriarchy because I care about women. And because I care about men. And because I care about people of all genders.

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  1. al February 25, 2010 at 6:14 pm #

    Pesky questions are the only way that people that are basically on your side can find out about anarchy, and you should love them, too. I was 18 when I quit (dropped out) because at the time the gov. was just too powerful, but I’m getting better…I hope. I HAVE kept my anger, but learned not to show it, most times, because showing it only angers others and turns them off to the message. Love is the answer….Didn’t some Jewish person say something like that? haha.

  2. Lauren S. April 20, 2010 at 2:21 pm #

    Interesting success stories of squatters that had improved their buildings before Manhattan’s commercial revitalization.

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