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Mayor’s response to May Day Petition

29 Apr

After signing the petition I got a form response back from someone in the Mayor’s office:

Mayor Jones is in receipt of your concern regarding the Richmond May Day Parade.  The Mayor has asked that I respond regarding your concerns.  The Richmond Police Department advises that a permit has been issued allowing the parade to proceed on sidewalks, grass, and other public property (absent in the roadways) at no cost.

For safety reasons, a parade which requires that streets be closed also requires that officers be deployed.  Our policy requires that the cost of officers (two are needed for this event) must be borne by the parade organizers. The organizers of the event have indicated they do not want to pay for the officers; therefore we are unable to close the streets. We must be concerned first and foremost for the safety of everyone.

Thank you.

Cheryl Ivey Green

Assistant to the Mayor

City of Richmond

900 E. Broad Street

Richmond, VA  23219

Mayor’s Office


Building a Better Richmond

So I replied back- to inform her of some of the other relevant details in this issue:

Would you please inform Mayor Jones that there is not mention in the relevant city ordinance that parades in the street require purchase of officers. And also that there have been multiple assemblies in the streets in Richmond in the past years, including the Virginia People’s Assembly this January which had permits for a street march but were NOT required or even asked to pay for police presence.

I strongly believe that the decision on the part of the Richmond Police to ask for money in this instance is a deliberate one meant to silence the free speech of the worker’s movement in Richmond.

Mo Karn

Free Speech for May Day Parade!!!

28 Apr

Check this out: As organizers of this years May Day Parade, the decision was made to get a permit for the event this year, to make it more inclusive for folks at greater risk of arrest. Despite our attempts at doing things the ‘correct’ way, the city and the police have failed to behave in a legal or respectful manner.

The Richmond Police are infringing on our right
to free speech by demanding that we produce the funds to pay for off
duty police officers in order to march in the street. We have chosen
not to set that precedent for future marches by any organization.
Please sign this petition, more actions will be announced late this
evening. Please refer to for more

Targeting: Secretary Cheryl Green (Secratary to the Mayor of Richmond), Police Chief Bryan T. Norwood (Richmond City Chief of Police) and Mayor Dwight C. Jones (Richmond City Mayor)

To get to the petition:

May- Memorial Month to People Murdered by State

22 Apr

The Wingnuts (see have decided that MAY is the month we will dedicate to remembering people who have been killed by the cops/FBI/CIA/state/COINTELPRO etc.

We are compiling a list of names to be used in a ceremony at our Memorial Day Cookout on May 31st. The information will also be incorporated into a mural/monument at the Wingnut.

As part of this whole idea, I will be posting a daily blog during the month of May on a different victim of the state. So lookout in May for profiles/bios/stories/pictures of these people. Because we should never forget about the terrible oppressive violence practiced by the police and the state on a daily basis.

US admits to secret prisons..

14 Apr

This should be read by as many people as possible. The US government is operating illegal prisons around the country specifically to house political prisoners. This is what our tax money pays for. Cruel and unusual punishment for ‘criminals’ who are often being persecuted essentially for thought crimes. This is scary. This is reality. This is war.

The government is throwing words like terrorism around, using them as labels in order to justify inhuman, repressive, and oppressive behavior towards people who believe the world should be more socially just. The people with power and money are willing to do whatever it takes to keep their power and money- even lock us up, torture us, kill us.

I highly recommend this blog:

McDonnell’s Preservation of White Supremacy

7 Apr

Word has it that another white, male, middle aged politician  has fucked up. I am definitely not wearing my surprised face, lets just say that much. I even have a hard time mustering up decent outrage over things like this, because they are so common and intrinsic to the system we live in. These sorts of bad decisions, perpetuations of racism/classism/sexism/ etc., oppressive maneuvers seem to me to be the obvious ends of the way our government and economy functions. I try not to be shocked, but rather, roll with the punches.

In this case, lets talk about how Virginia’s governor (not my governor, I don’t vote) issues a statement on the down-low Friday about re-declaring April Confederate History Month. Continue reading

Harvest of Hope Fest Review

7 Apr

Frankly, we have it so good in Richmond, sometimes I wonder why I would ever leave. But last weekend, I did leave, to drive all night to St. Augustine, Florida. What could lure me out of my utopia in good ol RVA? It wasn’t just the Florida sunshine. Harvest of Hope Festival was happening for the second year. I didn’t make it last year, but had heard enough from friends to entice me into attendance in 2010.

Harvest of Hope combines two things that Richmond clearly loves- music and food. Richmond is known for its thriving music scene. We have a plethora of local bands that are known and loved internationally. Richmond is also developing its own food culture. From the ever growing Farmer’s Markets, CSA’s, and general increasing consciousness around local food movements and food politics, to our many amazing local restaurants, Richmond has food on the brain. Aside from seeming like a really fun event, Harvest of Hope was a Richmond relevant event. Continue reading