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McDonnell’s Preservation of White Supremacy

7 Apr

Word has it that another white, male, middle aged politician  has fucked up. I am definitely not wearing my surprised face, lets just say that much. I even have a hard time mustering up decent outrage over things like this, because they are so common and intrinsic to the system we live in. These sorts of bad decisions, perpetuations of racism/classism/sexism/ etc., oppressive maneuvers seem to me to be the obvious ends of the way our government and economy functions. I try not to be shocked, but rather, roll with the punches.

In this case, lets talk about how Virginia’s governor (not my governor, I don’t vote) issues a statement on the down-low Friday about re-declaring April Confederate History Month. Continue reading

Harvest of Hope Fest Review

7 Apr

Frankly, we have it so good in Richmond, sometimes I wonder why I would ever leave. But last weekend, I did leave, to drive all night to St. Augustine, Florida. What could lure me out of my utopia in good ol RVA? It wasn’t just the Florida sunshine. Harvest of Hope Festival was happening for the second year. I didn’t make it last year, but had heard enough from friends to entice me into attendance in 2010.

Harvest of Hope combines two things that Richmond clearly loves- music and food. Richmond is known for its thriving music scene. We have a plethora of local bands that are known and loved internationally. Richmond is also developing its own food culture. From the ever growing Farmer’s Markets, CSA’s, and general increasing consciousness around local food movements and food politics, to our many amazing local restaurants, Richmond has food on the brain. Aside from seeming like a really fun event, Harvest of Hope was a Richmond relevant event. Continue reading