May 7th: George Jackson

10 May

George Jackson was serving a prison sentence when he became politically active. He first studied socialism, and then joined the Black Panthers. He wrote 2 books, Blood in My Eye and Soledad Brother,  while in prison which gained him international attention.

In January of 1970 he was convicted of killing a prison guard within the Soledad prison, in retaliation for the shooting death of 3 black inmates. He and 2 others were moved to solitary confinement, and became known as the Soledad brothers.

George Jackson’s brother, Jonathan Jackson, died in an court holdup/kidnapping that some activists did in 1970 in order to free some prisoners and demand the release of the Soledad Brothers.

At the age of 29, George Jackson used a handgun smuggled into prison by his lawyer, and took over a tier of the San Quentin adjustment center where he was being held before a trial for the murder of a prison guard. 6 people died- 3 guards, 2 white prisoners, and George Jackson.

September 23, 1941- August 21, 1971

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