Richmond Transit Riders Union

19 May

This is a new project being initiated by the new Richmond IWW chapter. GRTC and the state of Richmond’s public transportation are both in poor repair. If we want a more socially just community then we need more effective and accessible public transportation options. Please consider helping out RTRU, talking to folks in your area about it, etc. There is not yet a website for this group, but there will be soon.

You can contact RTRU at:

Here is more information about what the group hopes to do:

“About 88 percent of the Richmond region’s commuters travel to and from work in a car, typically alone,”

Public transit is necessary for the mobility of the elderly and the disabled. It is necessary for communities without markets to access the things they need. For those without a car, it is the ability to seek necessary medical attention, to keep a job, and to get home at the end of the closing shift. It is necessary because the valorization of car ownership leads to ecological disaster, exacerbates the fight for fossil fuels, batters local budgets by deteriorating roads over and over again, and results in daily misery with the widespread congestion of commuting workers.

However, here in Richmond, VA, year after year, bus fares increase and service is cut. The buses have little to no access to suburban job centers. The poor, working-class, and communities of color are punished daily for not subscribing to the car-ownership money pit. And the drivers and mechanics who are the life-blood of the bus system are underpaid, and mistreated.

In cities all across the United States people have woken up to the need for the equality of well-funded, inexpensive, all-pervasive mass-transit. They’re faced with well-paid executives who get bonuses for docking their employees and their customers, city councils and county supervisors over budget by hundreds of thousands of dollars, who furthermore are not motivated to put the public money where it would help the public the most!

How should we respond? As transit riders, we should come together and organize as community members who will unite with one another for a public transportation system which is just, for jobs which working people need, and for mobility which all people deserve!

The Richmond Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) would like to initiate a town hall style meeting to give public transportation riders the opportunity to discuss their concerns and issues pertaining to public transportation in Richmond, in particular the GRTC service. The Richmond IWW would like to discuss a structural proposal in which unify their struggle.(read less)

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