Wingnut Food Distribution Program!

11 Aug

This Saturday is the second monthly event coordinated between the Wingnut Anarchist Collective and the Virginia Food Bank. The Wingnuts have been handing out food vouchers throughout the neighborhood over the past month.

So Saturday the 14th at 12noon the Wingnuts will begin setting up the food with the food bank at the parking lot at the corner of Graham and North Avenue in Southern Barton Heights. Then at 1 the distribution will begin. Folks with vouchers will get priority, just because that is the only method we have to keep it organized. The Food Bank only brings but so much food a month, but will hopefully continue to bring more each month.

This month the Wingnuts will also be tabling with fliers about the numerous events and programs they are involved with, as well as know your rights literature.

I would be excited if we could have a community meal in addition to this once a month food distribution. But we simply do not have enough regular donations from grocery stores to start a second food not bombs meal and make it in Southern Barton Heights. In the future I would like to see more free food and community events in Southern Barton Heights. Including a Southern Barton Heights Really Really Free Market. If there are more people in Richmond who step up to organize the existing Really Really Free Market in Monroe Park, then members of the Wingnut would have more time and energy to devote to Southern Barton Heights specific projects. We value both. ❤

You can always contact the wingnut at or call 804 303 5449

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