Class Privilege

24 Sep

My parents just bought me a brand new bike for my birthday. Riding it home I came up with the start of a song on class privilege.

I’m not gonn a lie,
my parents bought me everything
you see class privilege,
well it is a real thing

I’ve got a ford truck,
it was given to me
I’ve got a new bike,
its that trickle down theory

lets talk about privilege
without that immobilizing guilt please
how privilege affects us
we’ve gotta speak truthfully

its not about bragging
its not about self pity
its about acknowledging
class realities

if you’ve got privilege
you’ve got to come to terms
if you pretend you don’t
you just perpetuate unjust norms

how do we have class war
when class privilege affects us
i think being honest
is a really good first step

i work hard
but systems of privilege work harder
sometimes I’m me,
other times a privileged daughter

This song isn’t for singing along
its not  for whining about privilege
this is talking about the issues that affect me
this is for living life a lot more honestly.

can you talk about privilege without getting too wrapped up
can you dismantle systems from which you benefit

i’ll be honest and i’ll keep trying
this song is for conversations not over analyzing

i don’t think privileged people complaining about privilege is useful
but i think we can all be a lot more truthful
it helps me understand the world around me
by seeing the injustice in my own privileged reality

don’t lie to yourself don’t lie to others
don’t feel guilty because that won’t change anytihng

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