Book review: Against Equality

26 Oct

I picked up a copy of Against Equality at the 2010 Richmond Zine Fest. I had heard about it, and was too busy to go see a presentation about the book at U of R a couple weeks ago.

I just wanted to let people know that Against Equality is really worth reading. Even if you have been keeping up to date with the radical queer response to the mainstream Gaygenda to legalize Gay Marriage, Against Equality manages to collect essays and interviews from a wide variety of sources, some of which you probably missed.

The essays in general do an excellent job of bringing issues of intersectionality, social justice, and privilege to light in regards to the Gay Marriage campaigns.

The discussion about immigration and immigrant rights in regards to gay marriage explains very well how it is not enough to support imimgrant rights only in the context of one type of partnership. Gay marriage is diluting the immigration issue.

Gay marriage is shown in Against Equality to be diluting many issues that are vitally important to many people in the queer community, as well as other oppressed communities. Gay marriage doesn’t address AIDS/HIV and other queer health issues. Gay marriage doesn’t address the problems in with the prison industrial complex, or our ‘justice’ system at all.

The mainstream gay agenda is revealed time and time again in Against Equality to be doing more harm to queers, people of color, the poor, queer youth, immigrants, people with HIV/AIDS etc. than good. The campaigns to legislate Hate crimes are also discussed as having a negative overall societal effect.

The way that marriage is framed as a consolidating of privileges is somethign I personally had never really thought about before. It rings true, and multiple voices in the collection speak to this issue.

Not only do the essays explain why there are many reasons to not support gay marriage campaigns, but also they explain what the more comprehensive, socially just, and effective things we should be fighting for are.

I would love to get to talk to people about any othe essays in Against Equality more in depth. There will be a copy to borrow at the Wingnut Anarchist Collective Radical Library openingin November of 2010.

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