Not So Trans Friendly Policy from TSA

29 Oct

A new policy from the TSA apparently requires anyone flying to report their name, birth date, and gender that correspond to a government ID. This just makes worse already difficult activities for trans, gender queer, and gender variant people. Not that flying is environmentally or in any other way a good method of travel. But increased ID demands, increased security, etc. are all things that will increase the ‘outing’ of people, which can make their lives much more dangerous. Getting one’s gender on an official ID altered varies in difficulty by state a region. But needless to say, it is not easy, and it is likely that people who’s gender presentation does not match up with their government ID will likely face harassment- either as ‘security risks’ or just out of transphobia and homophobia.

New TSA Pat-Downs Like Groping, Passengers Say

More aggressive pat-down being offered as an alternative to body scanners.

New TSA Pat-Downs Like Groping, Passengers Say

Tracy SearsOctober 28, 2010


Get ready for tougher security checks at Richmond International and other airports across the nation.

A new invasive “pat down” procedure goes into effect Friday. The new procedure will allow TSA agents to use the front of their hands to search the entire body of passengers, including the breast and genital areas.

Some R-I-C passengers say this may be pushing the limits, considering passengers must already take off their shoes and go through full body imaging or x-ray machines.

Passenger Bob George says, “It just keeps getting worse and worse. I just think it’s too much. Basically they’ll have your taking everything off in a few more years!”

At airports, like R-I-C, where there are advanced full body imaging machines, passengers will be required to submit to either the full body x-ray or the full body pat down.

Some passengers like Blanca Alberta say they don’t mind the extra security measure. “I just want to be safe, so I think it’s ok. I have no problem with that,” says Alberta.

The airlines are also tightening up on reservations. Starting Monday, it will be mandatory for passengers to give their full name, as it appears on a government issued I.D. Passengers will also be required to give their birth date and gender.

The TSA says this will allow the federal agency to more accurately cross check names against the government’s watch list. The agency says it will decrease the likelihood of being misidentified at the airport.


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