Insulation is itchy

5 Nov

We’ve been trying to get the Wingnut ready for Winter. I have been focusing my efforts on our long neglected crawl space. The first step was to put down a 4 millimeter plastic vapor barrier on the floor of it. Today I put R19 insulation up between the floor joists. Lesson of the day- insulation is ITCHY. But I got the whole big section of crawl space done, and hopefully that will help keep the Wingnut a lot warmer this winter. Last winter we barely had any insulation up in the attic either. This year we will have finished insulation in both the attic and the crawl space as well as a wood stove. I’m gonna guess this will make some sort of a difference. Not much we can do about the old leaky single paned windows however.

Progress is great! Come check it out at Wingnut open hours sometime!

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