If you didn’t notice, I killed most of the internet.

21 Nov

Fuck Facebook. I deleted mine, and my twitter, and my formspring.

And fuck all the people too chickenshit to mean what they say and say what they mean.

Passive aggressive, wishy washy, idiotic, and illogical people dominate internet social utilities.

I say crazy things online, but I say them in real life too.

I want to communicate clearly and honestly and I want to be around people who feel the same way. I want to be communicated to assertively.

Someone that I find to be an authoritarian manipulative liar, and whom I told I felt this way, accused me of talking about them behind their back. Not so, Megan Osborn, not so. I told her exactly how little I think of her. Its not a secret, and I would rather be upfront and honest with people than not. Otherwise what good are our words and ideas? She is a good example of someone that I believe uses the internet, mainly facebook, as a means of manipulation and passive aggressive communication that furthers her self chosen role as victim. People like that, well, I’m definitely better off without having to read their trite bullshit everyday.

I want to stay in touch with my real friends, I would love to write letters or trade zines or even email. But FUUCK facebook and every other ‘utility’ that perpetuates passive aggressive fucks in my life.

PO Box 6025

Richmond, VA 23222

Get real or get out.

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