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Phone broke

22 Nov

The screen of my phone just broke, so I can’t see your texts or who is calling me.

804 303 5449 or if you need something.



OOOO Now the phone is better  and it cost nothing! Hurray!

Getting my book printed soon

22 Nov

This morning I finally finished formatting my book to send it to the printers. I don’t know yet how much it is going to cost to get printed. It is called ‘The South is Still Rising: Contemporary Radical and Anarchist Movements in Richmond, Virginia from 1994 to 2004″.

I’m sure I will get a lot of well deserved shit for various aspects of it. I definitely don’t think it tells the whole story, I don’t think anyone could. But it is an attempt at telling part of it and talking about Richmond in a bigger context. When it is finally published I will post on here so folks can buy a copy if they want one.

Sad today

22 Nov

I feel sad today. Last night my boo that I live with broke up with me. They basically shoulda done so months ago, but instead just stopped truly communicating with me or sleeping in the same room. I was trying to give them space and not push them because I trusted them and didn’t know what was going on. But what was going on is that they don’t think they are compatible with me. One less vegan straightedge queer anarchist for me to try and date : ( super bummer. So now I am bummed out, and I don’t know what to do.

I don’t really feel very connected to the ‘radical’ scene in RVA these days.  Liberals, drinkers, corpse eaters, and straight people are not my cup of tea. There is honestly just only so much connection I can have with people who’s values are radically different from my own. And there really aren’t very many anarchists here either. It sucks. I get along with anarchists who come through town and that makes me happy, but Richmond anarchist culture and social circles is seriously lacking. I feel pretty friendless and isolated.

Richmond needs more anarchists.

Making Banners

22 Nov

If anyone in the Richmond area has an interest in helping to make banners for Food not Bombs or about the Monroe Campaign please let me know. If you have paint or banner material you want to donate to the cause that would be rad too.

I also want to work on the Wingnut’s collection of banners. We are trying to make a bunch that work for a variety of situations that way we are prepared for last minute protests etc.

Topics we are thinking about making multiuse banners for include:

Jail solidarity

Police Brutality

Anti-Death Penalty

Housing Justice



Worker Sollidarity

Indigenous Solidarity



Did we miss any big anarchist topics?

If you have ideas for any banners or want to help email me!

Anarchist Vegan Straightedgers (Queer?)

22 Nov

I am, as usual, lacking in vegan straightedge friends. Part of this is definitely because a large number of vegan straightedge kids are not queer and are not anarchist. Other parts of it have to do with historic bullshit, gossip, and stylistic differences. If anyone in Richmond is XVX and wants to hang out let me know.

I’m listening to XtruenatureX and hanging out in my room. Something I haven’t done in a long time. Too long? But its hard to listen to xvx stuff by myself without anyone around who ‘gets it’.

I guess I’m just sayin I could use some support, preferably in person, from other xvx people who either identify as anarchist or queer or don’t mind that I do.