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Please Support Anarchists Against The Wall

29 Dec

We had Gal Lugassi from Anarchists Against The Wall Speak at the Wingnut earlier this month. Hopefully they raised some funds at that event. An article I found today on says that Israel is cracking down on Anarchist Against the Wall members. Basically harassing, arresting etc. One of the people they mention is Matan Cohen, who I went to Hampshire College with.He was instrumental in organizing a divestment from Israel.

Check out the article here:

If you have any extra money please lend some support to AATW. If not money, then write about them talk about them, and BOYCOTT Israel.

My Heart Breaks for New Orleans

29 Dec

This morning at work at Crossroads I was thinking about how my heart pretty much continually breaks for humanity. So many lost and sad and unhappy people.

My mom called me, to let me know that 8 kids in New Orleans just died in a fire in a squat. My friend Mo was supposed to come visit me on her way back to NOLA, but didn’t because she was in a rush already over the murder of John Flee. Now there are 8 more in New Orleans who have died.

I hear it is really rough right now for everyone down there. St. Roch kids etc. I love yall. Take care of each other.

I am simultaneously relieved that I couldn’t make it down there this year, and sorry that I can’t offer any tangible support. Fuck yall.

RVA to NOLA with love.

Cop Corruption in Dancehall Ordinance

21 Dec

For a good laugh I recommend you check out the new Dance Hall Ordinance pushed through Richmond City Council by none other than Charles I’m A Total Fuckwad Samuels.

There are a lot of details to this particular ordinance that strike even the least legal of people as unconstitutional.

Not to mention the way that the ordinance REQUIRES the hiring of police. Geez, wonder who lobbied to get that part in the ordinance- couldn’t have been the Richmond Police Department? COuldn’t have been members of the Public Safety committee who helped push this law through…

Fuck any law that increases funding for police.

Read it for yourself:

– Go to
– In advanced search choose “Paper Number:” and enter “2010-113” and press “search”.
– Click on the paper number and in the next screen choose “Electronic Paper”. Click the PDF link “Click here to view paper no: 2010-113”. It should then download to your computer.

Installed A New Tail light

21 Dec

Cops kept bugging me about my tail light being broken. First someone hit my truck and broke the cover and the bulb. I replaced the bulb and covered the hole in the cover with red electrical tape. It worked really well and when I braked the light was red.

But apparently that isn’t good enough. I got pulled over and they said the red tape was not ok.

I had to buy a new tail light cover. I just installed that myself, so now the pigs will have to come up with some other excuse to pull me over.

FOIA rocks!

21 Dec

Looks like I have something to do over the ‘holidays’.

Southern Barton Heights Copwatch FOIA’d  (new verb, it rules) a bunch of manuals of protocols and general orders from the Richmond Police Department and I picked them up today. Almost 600 pages of information about what the police are SUPPOSED to be doing.

Look for updates with information about what we find in these documents (plus scanned copies of the documents themselves) on the Wingnut website in the coming weeks.

Why Repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell?!?!

18 Dec

There is something seriously, seriously wrong with the mainstream gay movement. That so many lqbtq and allies are excited about the repeal of DADT makes me want to puke. Why the FUCK would you want to be cannon fodder for capitalist assholes? If the fight for equality is just a fight for equality as lived as a brainless consumer in a fascist capitalist society- FUCK IT!

Join the Queer Army- not the US Army. If you aren’t struggling for all those who are oppressed then you are doing it wrong. Repealling DADT isn’t a win, its a fucking pitiful excuse for reform. It is a step backwords.

Assimilationist gay movements SUCK. Up the Queers, fuck the military.

Staying in RVA

16 Dec

Because the roof of the Wingnut needs fixin, and half of our property tax is due in mid January, I am not going to New Orleans this winter. Which will be the first winter in a while in which that is the case. But there is important stuff going on in Richmond with the Anarchist Black Cross and Food Not Bombs etc.

Today it is supposed to snow and they are shutting down everything. Sounds like a good day to bunker down in Southern Barton Heights. I painted signs yesterday for the new radical lending library, the anarchist black cross, and wingnut open open hours. Don’t know what I’ll be doing in the snow today.

Come visit Richmond and the Wingnut, since I can’t go anywhere.