Capitalism Causes Crime- Even the Virginia Government Says so…

14 Dec

It doesn’t take a genius to realise that a lot of the reason for ‘crime’ is capitalism. Some ‘crime’ is crime based on oppressive laws and regulations. But a lot of the rest of it is tied to economic conditions. Capitalism creates an economy where some have hummers and others can’t feed themselves. The obvious thing to do when one is starving to death is to do whatever it takes to eat.

Not all crimes are just crimes of survival. But in a society that values consumerism and ‘stuff’ over actual relationships and community, there is a lot of pressure on people to find happiness in products. When people can’t afford the products that they are advertised into thinking they ‘need’, they might resort to crime to attain the item and the status and image that goes with it.

Through these and other ways, capitalism contributes greatly to the existence and perception of crime in our society.

Doing some research today I was surprised that an official Virginia website basically said the same thing.

From the Virginia State Government website article “Measuring Recidivism in Virginia”

“What Influences Recidivism?

Economic conditions and employment strongly influence whether or not offenders commit new crimes. Getting a job is often complicated by the stigma attached to being an ex-offender. Many are also unprepared for the world of work, lacking educational attainment, vocational training and life skills. Offenders who have been incarcerated for long periods of time and youth who never developed such competencies may require a strong network of support services to avoid criminal behavior.”

Economic conditions influence whether or not offenders commit new crimes says the Virginia government. Well then, it seems to follow that perhaps the original reason that the ‘offender’ (aka human fucking being) committed a crime in the first place was economical.

The website says that the Adult Recidivism rate in Virginia is about 29% within the first 36 months after being released. Almost one third. Jail and Prison are a vicious cycle that hurt our communities and perpetuate oppression and poverty. We need to get together and change that.


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