My Heart Breaks for New Orleans

29 Dec

This morning at work at Crossroads I was thinking about how my heart pretty much continually breaks for humanity. So many lost and sad and unhappy people.

My mom called me, to let me know that 8 kids in New Orleans just died in a fire in a squat. My friend Mo was supposed to come visit me on her way back to NOLA, but didn’t because she was in a rush already over the murder of John Flee. Now there are 8 more in New Orleans who have died.

I hear it is really rough right now for everyone down there. St. Roch kids etc. I love yall. Take care of each other.

I am simultaneously relieved that I couldn’t make it down there this year, and sorry that I can’t offer any tangible support. Fuck yall.

RVA to NOLA with love.

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