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Support the AETA 4- Spaghetti Fundraiser! Feb. 20th

14 Dec

Spaghetti for the AETA 4!!!

Eat Spaghetti and Offer Solidarity- Legal Support Fundraiser!

Saturday, February 20, 2010
6:00pm – 9:00pm
The Wingnut


Come the The Wingnut on Saturday February 20th a 6pm to eat some awesome vegan spaghetti dinner and donate money to the legal defense fund for the AETA 4, who were arrested last year at this time. Please bring some money to donate to the AETA 4 legal defense fund, and then enjoy a delicious dinner with friends and new friends. Maybe musical entertainment too? (contact me musicians!)

Who are the AETA 4?- On February 19-20, 2009, Joseph Buddenberg, Maryam Khajavi, Nathan Pope, and Adriana Stumpo, were arrested by the FBI and charged with violating the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. They are now facing a maximum of ten years in prison for their alleged crimes, which include attending demonstrations and other First-Amendment protected activity. They will need your support as they face a long trial process to prove their innocence.
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Cuddle Puddles and Hot Pants #4

9 Nov

If you want an issue of Cuddle Puddles and Hot Pants # 4, please send 3 dollars to
Mo Karnage
PO Box 6025
Richmond, VA 23222

It is a super long issue, about Richmond activism, about my life, about silly stuff. Includes book and movie reviews, funny pictures etc. Definitely worth checking out!

I also still have back issues #1 and #3. Issue 3 is 2 bucks and Issue 1 is 1 buck.
Thanks for your support!

Anarchists Against Voting

7 Feb

 This is an article I wrote for the school newspaper- Hampshire College’s The Climax. They told me only 650 words, which made it very difficult to make my argument in this op-ed. Comments would be welcome, as I would like to develop a much stronger piece for future use in a zine.
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Curtis J. Holt

1 Feb

This is an article I wrote on Curtis J. Holt  Sr. for Issue # 2 of my zine  Cuddle Puddles and Hot Pants.  I figured I should publish this stuff online too so more people can read it.

The Civil Rights era is a time period that continues to interest me, and specifically as related to my hometown of Richmond, Virginia. In an attempt to expose other people to this amazing and under represented history I am going to reproduce the history of Curtis J. Holt Sr., who was an African American civil rights activist in Richmond. Continue reading

Readin up on Civil Rights

22 Oct

I just finished a book called Civilities and Civil Rights: Greensboro, North Carolina, and the Black Struggle for Freedom by William H. CHafe. I’m trying to bolster my civil rights knowledge just as a foundation for my life in general and my senior thesis specifically. It was interesting to read because the first sit-ins occurred in Greensboro. Continue reading

Labor Pool Free Food Program

11 Oct

In my research on radical activism in RIchmond and in talking to my Food Not Bombs friends before I learned that on a couple different occasions activists have done a Labor Pool Free Food Program where they bring as much food as they can scrounge to Temp agencies in the morning at least once a week. They bring fruit, pastries, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  I think this is a really great plan. Temp agencies in Richmond at least make a toooon of money off of the temp worker. (A solution might be a non-profit temp agency). So temp workers get screwed. Feeding them is a good idea. I would like to help revamp this program when I am in Richmond full time. All it would require would be a small collective of people. Any takers?

Cuddle Puddles and Hot Pants

9 Oct

Cuddle Puddles and Hot Pants is the name of my zine, the first issue of which is coming out next week (once the copies are made). To purchase a copy, please got to my current website or email It should only cost 2 bucks I think, will know once the printer gets back to me. It has everything from music reviews, silly drawings by me, pictures of friends, cuddle puddles, hot pants, why I’m straight edge, history, stories, vegan recipe, medical advice, my trip to London, etc. A schmorgashboard of amazingness.  It is 32 half pages of good readin. An excerpt to tease you: Continue reading