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Cuddle Puddles and Hot Pants #4

9 Nov

If you want an issue of Cuddle Puddles and Hot Pants # 4, please send 3 dollars to
Mo Karnage
PO Box 6025
Richmond, VA 23222

It is a super long issue, about Richmond activism, about my life, about silly stuff. Includes book and movie reviews, funny pictures etc. Definitely worth checking out!

I also still have back issues #1 and #3. Issue 3 is 2 bucks and Issue 1 is 1 buck.
Thanks for your support!

New Richmond Radical News Site!!!!

14 Jan

Check out for regional news, articles, pictures, events and opinion related to radical topics!!!!

We take submissions for posts!

This is a group to connect a lot of different people, movements, organizations, actions, events etc. in Richmond of the radical vein. We don’t have indymedia here anymore, but now we do have a new and developing tool- a news/opinion/event blog about radical stuff in Richmond. Please check it out, let people know, spread the word, and if it gets big enough we can save eachother some time by using that site to share information.

I think that all of the projects that folks are working on will benefit by more networking and communication. It would be great to see what is going on with queer groups, with anarchist groups, with pro choice groups, with immigration issues, with homeless issues, with prison issues, with food issues, with local politics etc. All in one place. This project was started by Jeremy and Kontra, with Mo helping too. But now the project needs everyone.

Anarchists Against Voting

7 Feb

 This is an article I wrote for the school newspaper- Hampshire College’s The Climax. They told me only 650 words, which made it very difficult to make my argument in this op-ed. Comments would be welcome, as I would like to develop a much stronger piece for future use in a zine.
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