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Help Stop Virginia’s 103rd Execution on Feb. 19th

14 Jan


HELP STOP VIRGINIA’S 103rd EXECUTION – February 19th, 2009

2009 does not need to be another banner year for Virginia Executions- we can all help stop them.

There will be a protest on Broad Street in Richmond on Thursday February 19th from 4-6 p.m. at the intersection of Broad and 11th (outside of the Governor’s office). Please come help show that Virginians are not for the Death Penalty. We will have some signs but feel free to bring your own. Bring your phones too so we can call the Governor’s office to ask him to stop the execution.

If the sentence is not commuted, there will also be a vigil outside of the prison where the execution is taking place that night. Details are at the bottom of this article.

Edward Nathaniel Bell is scheduled to be killed by the Commonwealth of Virginia at 9 p.m. on February 19th, 2009 for the shooting death of Sgt. Ricky L. Timbrook, 32, from the Winchester police Department during a late evening police chase on Oct. 29, 1999.

At a time when most of the country is turning away from the death penalty, Virginia has already scheduled her first execution of 2009. We are second only to Texas in the number of prisoners killed, and if this scheduled execution isn’t halted, Bell will be the 103rd person killed by the Commonwealth since 1977. Please take a few minutes to say “Enough!” and help us fix this broken system.

Please take one or more of the following actions – Details below: Continue reading

Riot at Dead Prez concert in Olympia, Washington

16 Feb

 This is an article I found on

This incident sounds so much more like the things that happen in France and Greece, not the states. It is exciting to see people in the U.S. are not completely docile.  People need to do more standing up to authority figures and taking back the streets and the world. Because this sort of action is relatively commonplace in other countries I think a lot of radical people will not be too thrown by it happening here. People who have been reading radical news sources have seen this happening in other countries for quite a while now.

Olympia, Washington, U.S. – A hip-hop concert featuring the revolutionary emcee duo Dead Prez ended in a riot that saw tens of thousands of dollars in damaged and stolen police property. Continue reading

Riots in France

29 Nov

France – More than 80 police officers were injured, five of whom are in critical condition, after two nights of anti-police rioting in the Parisian suburb of Villiers-le-Bel. Now authorities are trying to cope with a third consecutive night of unrest. Trouble broke out following the death of two youths who died in a automobile accident with a police car. The two were riding a motor-bike at the time and police fled the scene of the wreck. By the second night, violence had spread to 6 more towns in the Parisian suburbs and has now flared up in the southern city of Toulouse.
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