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Cuddle Puddles and Hot Pants #4

9 Nov

If you want an issue of Cuddle Puddles and Hot Pants # 4, please send 3 dollars to
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It is a super long issue, about Richmond activism, about my life, about silly stuff. Includes book and movie reviews, funny pictures etc. Definitely worth checking out!

I also still have back issues #1 and #3. Issue 3 is 2 bucks and Issue 1 is 1 buck.
Thanks for your support!

Riot at Dead Prez concert in Olympia, Washington

16 Feb

 This is an article I found on

This incident sounds so much more like the things that happen in France and Greece, not the states. It is exciting to see people in the U.S. are not completely docile.  People need to do more standing up to authority figures and taking back the streets and the world. Because this sort of action is relatively commonplace in other countries I think a lot of radical people will not be too thrown by it happening here. People who have been reading radical news sources have seen this happening in other countries for quite a while now.

Olympia, Washington, U.S. – A hip-hop concert featuring the revolutionary emcee duo Dead Prez ended in a riot that saw tens of thousands of dollars in damaged and stolen police property. Continue reading