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Churchill Food Not Bombs- Wednesdays at 6 in Jackson Park

16 Feb

I’m don’t do Wednesday Food Not Bombs, but wanted to give some attention to them, and encourage folks to help organize a  free community meal in Churchill. Here is there info:


In Church Hill there is a Wednesday Serving:

Church Hill has a new regular Food Not Bombs event on Wednesdays! Come out at 3pm to help cook at 1111 North 21st Street in Church Hill to help cook.

Come help serve and eat at Jefferson Park at 6pm at the East End of the park in front of Alamo BBQ.

We are new and still need a whole lot of stuff! So if you have any thing you can donate, such as cutting boards, knives, spices, water coolers, dry goods, money, energy, or time, let us know!

You can call Allison at 804 516 3062 or Ellen at 912 541 4234 or email allibertine@gmail.com for more information!