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Support the Prison Strike in Georgia!

14 Dec

There is a prison strike going on right now in Georgia- it started on December 9th.  The strike fits my headspace since I am currently reading Creating a Movement With Teeth, A Documentary History of the George Jackson Bridgade. The George Jackson Brigade was heavily involved in movements supporting prisoners and prisoner’s rights.

The prisoners in Georgia are waging a peaceful protest (not saying that because I endorse pacifism as dogma, just what they are doing currently) and being faced with threats and violence from the guards and prison authorities as well as being ignored by the media. The George Jackson Brigade actually engaged in bombings and attacks of various institutions and buildings in their time in order to try and force the media to give voice to prisoners engaged in struggles for justice.

The current strike in Georgia is really fucking awesome, and includes the following demands:


Anarchist Black Cross Letter Writing Event- MOVE and Black Panther

12 Oct

In case you are unable to make it to tonight’s Anarchist Black Cross letter writing event at the Wingnut, here is a little information on the people we will be writing to as well as their addresses so you can write them on your own. This month’s focus is on black liberation prisoners. It seems fitting given the number of significant dates and memorials around the issue of race in the month of October (Gabriel’s rebellion, Harper’s Ferry, Columbus Day – ick, etc).

Information and tips for writing political prisoners can be found here:


One group of people we are writing to tonight are prisoners from the MOVE organization.

This is a link to a little more information about what happened to some of the other members of the MOVE organization:


Write to the MOVE 9!

Debbie Sims Africa #006307
Janet Hollaway Africa #006308 Continue reading

May 7th: George Jackson

10 May

George Jackson was serving a prison sentence when he became politically active. He first studied socialism, and then joined the Black Panthers. He wrote 2 books, Blood in My Eye and Soledad Brother,  while in prison which gained him international attention.

In January of 1970 he was convicted of killing a prison guard within the Soledad prison, in retaliation for the shooting death of 3 black inmates. He and 2 others were moved to solitary confinement, and became known as the Soledad brothers. Continue reading