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May 13th: Emiliano Zapata

13 May

Emiliano Zapata was the leader of the Liberation Army of the South in the Mexican Revolution (started in 1910). His opposition was the president of Mexico.

Though from a middle class background, Zapata was fighting for and representing the folks in Mexico who were having their agrarian rights taken away from them.  Communal farm lands, known as ejidos, had once been integral parts of life in Mexico. However, people in power wanted to privatize the lands. This privatization was and is devastating for the working class people and indigenous people in Mexico. At the beginning of the Civil War Zapata somewhat supported Madero as an alternative to Diaz. However, as many revolutionaries soon discover,the politician they helped out did not actually crete the necessary radical change. Madero began watering down the policies, and failed to be responsive to the needs of the people. So Zapata decided to fight back.

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McDonnell’s Preservation of White Supremacy

7 Apr

Word has it that another white, male, middle aged politician  has fucked up. I am definitely not wearing my surprised face, lets just say that much. I even have a hard time mustering up decent outrage over things like this, because they are so common and intrinsic to the system we live in. These sorts of bad decisions, perpetuations of racism/classism/sexism/ etc., oppressive maneuvers seem to me to be the obvious ends of the way our government and economy functions. I try not to be shocked, but rather, roll with the punches.

In this case, lets talk about how Virginia’s governor (not my governor, I don’t vote) issues a statement on the down-low Friday about re-declaring April Confederate History Month. Continue reading