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Thanksgiving- What a Terrible Holiday

8 Nov

Thanksgiving is a terrible Holiday. It is no surprise it comes so close to Columbus day. Both of these holidays perpetuate the myths around the colonization of North America by Europeans. These myths suggest that the land was not occupied, the people living here did not have their own societies, the people here did not mind the Europeans invasion, the Europeans were kind or gentle people, the Europeans were victims, the Europeans were not racist and cruel, etc.

Thanksgiving needs to be transformed into a day of rememberance for the millions of indigenous people in North America who suffered and still suffer from  genocide, rape, pillaging, theft, oppression, torture, degradation, cheating, cultural appropriation and more at the hands of whites. Solidarity with all indigenous peoples struggling for autonomy.

Christopher Columbus was a terrible person, who deserves no holiday. Next year we are pushing to celebrate Columbus day as Harriet Tubman day instead. The kids in our neighborhood suggested she might be a much more worthwhile person to celebrate.

As for Thanksgiving, I know of 2 people who are planning to fast on Thanksgiving, so as to avoid any participation in the gluttonous celebration of genocide.  Someone else I know bakes vegan baked goods every year and hands them out and gets people to make hand turkeys and pledge not to eat turkey this Thanksgiving. I’m going to help him again this year, and probably hand out the food in front of the North Avenue Library.

Thanksgiving needs to be dismantled. Continue reading

Blade as allegory for dealing with privilege

22 Oct

OK OK, I’m being serious here.

I’ve been thinking about issues around privilege a lot lately. And I watched Blade last night, and the third Twilight movie a couple of weeks ago. These two movies combined have created some weird connections in my brain. This is my attempt to convey these connections. It will probably make better sense if you have seen both of the films, but I wouldn’t spend money on it.

The third twilight movie is a good example of colonialism/racism and how the vampire concept plays into it. In that movie they actually show white, colonist vampires engaging in genocide of indigenous people. Who happen to have the ability to turn into werewolves. The werewolves are indigenous people of color. The vampires are almost exclusively white- blindingly glittery white. The movie itself is full of racism in terms of the representation of the indigenous people. The movie also contains a lot of promblematic content in terms of how emotionally and physically abusive etc. the relationship is, as well as the Mormon points of view about sex, marriage, and monogamy that are very clearly promoted in the content.

Basically I am bringing up Twilight only to explain why I was originally starting the think about silly vampire movies in contexts of racism and privilege. Twilight is pretty racist. And so I started thinking about vampires as having a lot in common with white people.

In Blade, Blade is a person of color who was born right after his mom got bitten by a vampire. Continue reading