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ACLU Assists Farmville Demonstrators Opposed to Construction of New Immigrant Detention Center

14 Jan

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Media Release

ACLU Assists Farmville Demonstrators Opposed to Construction of New Immigrant Detention Center


Civil liberties group tells Police Chief to issue permit and advises Town Council to revise parade and assembly ordinances to comply with First Amendment

Farmville, VA- January 13, 2009 – The ACLU of Virginia sent separate letters today to Farmville’s Chief of Police and its Town Council, asking the former to issue a parade permit to local protestors and the latter to ignificantly revise its ordinances controlling parades and demonstrations. Continue reading

Help Stop Immigrant Detention Center in Farmville!!!!

5 Dec

So, the Town of Farmville and a private company called Immigrant Centers of America are trying to build a 1,000 bed immigrant detention center in Farmville. ICA has zero experience with prisons or detention centers. Their previous experience is constructing Arby’s and BP Gas stations. This project has already received over 500,000 dollars from the State Tobacco Commission. This is not a done deal, the project can still, and will be stopped.

You can help stop it by sending an email to some of the folks involved, letting them know you think it is a bad idea. I’ve put a list of emails below, that includes people on town council, people from the VA Tobacco Comission, people from DHS, and people who run ICA.

Also below are copies of a couple letters- one from the Richmond Anarchist Black cross, one written to farmville religious community, and one written to the farmville business community. Feel free to use any of these letters as a format for your own, or just copy one. THough creating your own email will help them see just how much resistance there is. The more emails we send them, the more pressure will be put on them to stop the construction.

Keep alert for more news from the People United, the Richmond Anarchist Black Cross, and other organizations in the Commonwealth working to stop this detention center from being built. Continue reading