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Tricycle Gardens- Uh Oh

14 Feb

Last week I talked to Lisa Taranto on the phone, and was really dismayed at what I found out about Tricycle gardens and their assessment of economic issues. So I posted a comment on Christopher MAxwell’s profile when he was talking about a Tricycle Gardens. Woke up this morning to a personal attack in my email from Lisa Taranto of Tricycle Gardens.

I had originally said ” I am not sure how I feel about Tricycle Gardens. Lisa told me that “food should not be charity”and because tricycle believes that we should have a world of equal job opportunity they wont do a free workshop. Sorta started to sound less like community gardens and More like just another self serving non profit.” Continue reading

August Really Really Free Market

28 Jul


August Really Really Free Market

Sharing is Caring, Trying is Daring??

Saturday, August 29, 2009
12:00pm – 6:00pm
Monroe Park
Main and Laurel

Richmond Food Not Bombs Spoke Cards- $2

30 Oct

Love Richmond Food Not Bombs? Ride a bike? Oh, hey, now there are sweet Food Not Bombs spoke cards. How freaking convenient. And they are lime green (duh).

2 dollars please! (one to cover the cost of copying and laminating, one for Food Not Bombs!).

If you want one of these hot, trendy bike accessories contact Mo.

And if you don’t come to Food Not Bombs, well we would love it if you did, and either way spoke cards would be a cool way to help us advertise!

Sundays at 12 we start cooking.
Sundays at 4 we are in Monroe Park serving food- you can come help serve or eat.
Sundays at 5 we are cleaning up.
If you work somewhere that has extra food see if you can snag it for Food Not Bombs.
If you have a band you could do a benefit show for us.
If you go lots of places you could flier for us.
If you want to help gimme a call at 804 300 0023 or email foodnotbombsrichmond@gmail