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The Road- are you a good guy or a bad guy?

23 Feb

Spoiler alert- while this isn’t directly about the content of the movie The Road, that content is mentioned.

Last night, spur of the moment I went to go see the movie The Road with the Wingnuts (members of the radical collective I live in) and two other awesome friends. I had not heard much about the movie ahead of time except that it was post apocalyptic. And being a punk and anarchist I freaking love post apocalyptic and apocalyptic movies and books.
We went to the Byrd Theater in Richmond, which is the local two dollar theater.
The movie was much more dark and scary than I had expected.
One of my friends who came was my new Christian friend and we were kind of whispering commentary to each other about the film.
Some of the issues that really hit home for me included ideas about what one might do to survive, cannibalism, sharing, suicide, and who is a good guy and who is a bad guy and what that means.

In the movie, the little boy keeps returning to the question of whether or not he and his father are the good guys still. And who the bad guys are. And while that terminology is clearly a simplification of the multitude of issues in the world, it is also useful. Sometimes I fear I overcomplicate my thinking. I think a lot of us do too.

Thinking about moral issues in black and white may not be that helpful in certain circumstances. But maybe thats because we are too caught up in the idea of morality. Maybe morality is too complicated or just wrong of an idea to be very helpful. I’ve been doing some reading (Brad Warner) and thinking (Stephen Ogburn) recently that makes me challenge my view of morality. If we just think about how we can live our lives to reduce the suffering of others, to share love, and to show we care about other people, we will be doing good things. Or trying to do good things, which is a huge first step. Continue reading