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Not So Trans Friendly Policy from TSA

29 Oct

A new policy from the TSA apparently requires anyone flying to report their name, birth date, and gender that correspond to a government ID. This just makes worse already difficult activities for trans, gender queer, and gender variant people. Not that flying is environmentally or in any other way a good method of travel. But increased ID demands, increased security, etc. are all things that will increase the ‘outing’ of people, which can make their lives much more dangerous. Getting one’s gender on an official ID altered varies in difficulty by state a region. But needless to say, it is not easy, and it is likely that people who’s gender presentation does not match up with their government ID will likely face harassment- either as ‘security risks’ or just out of transphobia and homophobia.

New TSA Pat-Downs Like Groping, Passengers Say

More aggressive pat-down being offered as an alternative to body scanners. Continue reading


18 Aug

I think that there are many misconceptions about the concept of gender queer. It has not been a particularly mainstream idea for very long. Arguably, it still is not mainstream.

Genderqueer is essentially a rejection of the binary gender system (male or female, boy or girl, man or woman). Claiming gender queer is basically saying, fuck a binary gender system, these gender roles that exist are too confining/limiting/inaccurate/fucked up etc.

Claiming genderqueer is not the same thing as saying you are trans. There is definitely overlap. Many radical trans people will also identify as genderqueer because they see the gender binary system as inherently oppressive. Some genderqueer people choose that identity because they see more than 2 genders. Others, because they don’t feel comfortable as either of the 2 genders. There are many reasons people choose genderqueer. It is a fairly fluid concept, with the main point of unity being a rejection of the binary gender system.

Claiming genderqueer is not oppressive. Claiming genderqueer does not cancel out other privileges that one may have. It is not a way to deflect those privileges. If a male bodied person says they are genderqueer, but they frequently pass as male, they still ought to acknowledge the way that male privilege plays a role in their lives. If a white person is genderqueer, that does not in any way eliminate their white skin privilege. And I have never personally encountered anyone trying to use genderqueer as a way of avoiding accountability for their other privileges. Continue reading