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Why Repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell?!?!

18 Dec

There is something seriously, seriously wrong with the mainstream gay movement. That so many lqbtq and allies are excited about the repeal of DADT makes me want to puke. Why the FUCK would you want to be cannon fodder for capitalist assholes? If the fight for equality is just a fight for equality as lived as a brainless consumer in a fascist capitalist society- FUCK IT!

Join the Queer Army- not the US Army. If you aren’t struggling for all those who are oppressed then you are doing it wrong. Repealling DADT isn’t a win, its a fucking pitiful excuse for reform. It is a step backwords.

Assimilationist gay movements SUCK. Up the Queers, fuck the military.

Book review: Against Equality

26 Oct

I picked up a copy of Against Equality at the 2010 Richmond Zine Fest. I had heard about it, and was too busy to go see a presentation about the book at U of R a couple weeks ago.

I just wanted to let people know that Against Equality is really worth reading. Even if you have been keeping up to date with the radical queer response to the mainstream Gaygenda to legalize Gay Marriage, Against Equality manages to collect essays and interviews from a wide variety of sources, some of which you probably missed.

The essays in general do an excellent job of bringing issues of intersectionality, social justice, and privilege to light in regards to the Gay Marriage campaigns.

The discussion about immigration and immigrant rights in regards to gay marriage explains very well how it is not enough to support imimgrant rights only in the context of one type of partnership. Gay marriage is diluting the immigration issue. Continue reading