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May 13th: Emiliano Zapata

13 May

Emiliano Zapata was the leader of the Liberation Army of the South in the Mexican Revolution (started in 1910). His opposition was the president of Mexico.

Though from a middle class background, Zapata was fighting for and representing the folks in Mexico who were having their agrarian rights taken away from them.  Communal farm lands, known as ejidos, had once been integral parts of life in Mexico. However, people in power wanted to privatize the lands. This privatization was and is devastating for the working class people and indigenous people in Mexico. At the beginning of the Civil War Zapata somewhat supported Madero as an alternative to Diaz. However, as many revolutionaries soon discover,the politician they helped out did not actually crete the necessary radical change. Madero began watering down the policies, and failed to be responsive to the needs of the people. So Zapata decided to fight back.

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May 10th: Brad Will

10 May

Brad Will was an American anarchist  involved in a variety of types of social justice activism in the United States of America, including squatting advocacy and freeganism.

In 2006 he went to Oaxaca, Mexico to document a Teacher’s Strike.

Brad was shot and killed in Oaxaca, Mexico on October 27, 2006. He was videotaping during a protest, when gunmen approached the barricade he was near and opened fire. The gunmen appear to have been local officials or at least associated with local officials. Continue reading

May 2nd- Beatriz Alberta Carino and Jyri Jaakola

3 May

In Oaxaca, Mexico paramilitary troops in support of the Mexican government, attacked a convoy of 25 people who were transporting food and supplies to the autonomous community of Triqui inidigenous people in San Juan Copala.

Beatriz Alberta Cariño, the director of the local non-governmental Centre for Community Support Working Together (CACTUS) and Jyri Jaakkola, a human rights observer from Finland. Both were shot in the head. Others in the convoy were injured and shot as they tried to escape the attack.

This is yet another example of the Mexican government utilizing paramilitary troops to repress the liberation and autonomy of indigenous people in Mexico. This particular zone has been dealing with government repression since they declared autonomy in 2007.

Indigenous people world wide frequently face violent oppression simply for practicing autonomy. Police and state oppression and brutality are not unique to the USA. The capitalist classes work globally to repress any movement or individual that challenges their dominance. Solidarity with our allies on a global level is necessary to try and combat these injustices.