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My Heart Breaks for New Orleans

29 Dec

This morning at work at Crossroads I was thinking about how my heart pretty much continually breaks for humanity. So many lost and sad and unhappy people.

My mom called me, to let me know that 8 kids in New Orleans just died in a fire in a squat. My friend Mo was supposed to come visit me on her way back to NOLA, but didn’t because she was in a rush already over the murder of John Flee. Now there are 8 more in New Orleans who have died.

I hear it is really rough right now for everyone down there. St. Roch kids etc. I love yall. Take care of each other.

I am simultaneously relieved that I couldn’t make it down there this year, and sorry that I can’t offer any tangible support. Fuck yall.

RVA to NOLA with love.

Staying in RVA

16 Dec

Because the roof of the Wingnut needs fixin, and half of our property tax is due in mid January, I am not going to New Orleans this winter. Which will be the first winter in a while in which that is the case. But there is important stuff going on in Richmond with the Anarchist Black Cross and Food Not Bombs etc.

Today it is supposed to snow and they are shutting down everything. Sounds like a good day to bunker down in Southern Barton Heights. I painted signs yesterday for the new radical lending library, the anarchist black cross, and wingnut open open hours. Don’t know what I’ll be doing in the snow today.

Come visit Richmond and the Wingnut, since I can’t go anywhere.

New Orleans for New Year

29 Nov

For the past 3 years I have gone to New Orleans for the New Year. To see fri4ends who migrate there, to see friends who live there that I rarely catch up with, etc. This year, if I can find somewhere to stay I want to stay for the whole month of January.

I’ve always gone down with friends, but this year I am the one driving, because I want to take Flapjack and Grits with me. Not only because last year when I left them they ate over 100 dollars of library books, but also because Grits is from New Orleans and has never been back.

I’ll be headed down sometime after the 25th of December and before the 1st. If anyone wants to catch a ride with me and pitch in on gas that would be awesome.  If you know of somewhere that my 2 dogs and I can stay that too would be awesome.