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24 Dec

Hey Yall

I should have thought to do this a while ago, but better late than never I suppose. I no long blog at this website. I have a different one I blog on regularly, http://www.mokarnage.com so you can go there to find political essays, personal essays, poetry, art, and more! For political events in the Richmond area http://www.wingnutrva.org is still the place to go! Thank you so much for reading!

Mo Karnage

Anarchist Black Cross Letter Writing Event- MOVE and Black Panther

12 Oct

In case you are unable to make it to tonight’s Anarchist Black Cross letter writing event at the Wingnut, here is a little information on the people we will be writing to as well as their addresses so you can write them on your own. This month’s focus is on black liberation prisoners. It seems fitting given the number of significant dates and memorials around the issue of race in the month of October (Gabriel’s rebellion, Harper’s Ferry, Columbus Day – ick, etc).

Information and tips for writing political prisoners can be found here:


One group of people we are writing to tonight are prisoners from the MOVE organization.

This is a link to a little more information about what happened to some of the other members of the MOVE organization:


Write to the MOVE 9!

Debbie Sims Africa #006307
Janet Hollaway Africa #006308 Continue reading

May 15th: The Haymarket Martyrs

17 May

May 4th, 1886, Haymarket Square, Chicago.

There was  rally in support of striking workers. When the police went to break up the gathering, an unknown person threw a bomb at the police. The bombs and ensuing police gunfire resulted in 8 dead pigs, and an unknown number of dead and injured civilians. About 60 police were also injured. Much of the police injury was from friendly fire.

8 anarchists were tried for murder.August SpiesAlbert ParsonsAdolph FischerGeorge EngelLouis LinggMichael SchwabSamuel Fielden and Oscar Neebe.

Originally, 7 men, with the exception of Neebe were sentenced to death. After lengthy appeals process, 2 men had their sentences commuted to life in prison.

Louis Lingg committed suicide in prison.  On November 11, 1887 Spies, Parsons, Fischer and Engel were hung for murder.

The prosecution admitted that none of the men were actually guilty of that bombing. Many people were of the opinion that the media frenzy around the case and the politics of the men were the reason for their murder by the state.

May 14th: MOVE 11

14 May

The MOVE Organization was a black liberation group whose members adopted the last name AFrica, and promoted a back-to nature lifestyle. They were based in Philadelphia. They were something of a primitivist group, who promoted the hunter-gatherer lifestyle.

There were 2 instances where the Philadelphia Police confronted them- once in 1978 and once in 1985. In 1978 police came to evict the MOVE members from their communal house. During the incident, there was a shootout. One pig was killed. 7 other pigs, 5 firefighters, 3 MOVE members, and 3 bystanders were injured.

9 MOVE members were found guilty of 3rd degree murder. THEY ARE STILL IN PRISON. 7 of the 9 became eligible for parole in 2008, but have been denied. They come up for parole every year.

On May 13, 1985 the Philadelphia Police Department again tried to evict the MOVE organization from their new house, based on neighbor complaints over things like Bullhorn announcements and compost piles. When the MOVE members refused to leave the police attacked the house with tear gas, and the fire department sprayed it with water cannons. After that a burst of gunfire came from the house, which resulted in 90 minutes of return fire from the police- thousands of rounds were shot at the house. Then, the  Philadelphia Police dropped a BOMB on MOVE headquarters. The bomb set the house, and eventually an entire city block on fire.

John Africa, 5 other adults, and 5 CHILDREN died in the fire. There were only 2 surviving children.

The city was found to have overreacted, and money was paid out to a survivor and relative of someone who died. However, there does not appear to have been any culpability given to individual police involved- none of them have served jail time for the 11 murders.

US admits to secret prisons..

14 Apr

This should be read by as many people as possible. The US government is operating illegal prisons around the country specifically to house political prisoners. This is what our tax money pays for. Cruel and unusual punishment for ‘criminals’ who are often being persecuted essentially for thought crimes. This is scary. This is reality. This is war.

The government is throwing words like terrorism around, using them as labels in order to justify inhuman, repressive, and oppressive behavior towards people who believe the world should be more socially just. The people with power and money are willing to do whatever it takes to keep their power and money- even lock us up, torture us, kill us.

I highly recommend this blog: