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August Really Really Free Market

11 Aug

Richmond has had its very own Really Really Free Market for over 2 years now. And simply having been maintained on a monthly basis for over 2 years is quite the accomplishment.

However I think it is important to recognize that there is a lot of room for improvement with the Richmond Really Really Free Market. We have had a very hard time engaging more of the community in the event. It has had little success including things like food, workshops, music, games etc. Many months it ends up just being a place where people come to get free stuff. So it has not been very successful in building a community that helps each other in solidarity outside of the restrictions of a capitalist market.

This month’s event will be on Saturday August 28th. It starts at Noon and will go until 3pm. It happens in Monroe Park at the corner of Main and Laurel, near VCU.

At 2pm there will be an organizational meeting about the RRFM. Anyone is welcome to come. With originally just 1 person organizing it, and now just a small handful, it has been hard to maintain the energy necessary to build the RRFM into a vibrant community event. I hope that more people will want to get involved in terms of organizing for the RRFM.

Organizing it can mean making facebook events, making fliers, sending press releases, emailing your friends, facilitating a workshop, coming up with themes, volunteering to take the leftovers to Diversity Thrift at the end of the day, bringing games or sports to play during the event, getting people to come play music during the event, sharing a skill at the RRFM- giving massages, doing henna, reading tarot,  etc.

I’m excited to see what happens at this meeting!

Wingnut Food Distribution Program!

11 Aug

This Saturday is the second monthly event coordinated between the Wingnut Anarchist Collective and the Virginia Food Bank. The Wingnuts have been handing out food vouchers throughout the neighborhood over the past month.

So Saturday the 14th at 12noon the Wingnuts will begin setting up the food with the food bank at the parking lot at the corner of Graham and North Avenue in Southern Barton Heights. Then at 1 the distribution will begin. Folks with vouchers will get priority, just because that is the only method we have to keep it organized. The Food Bank only brings but so much food a month, but will hopefully continue to bring more each month.

This month the Wingnuts will also be tabling with fliers about the numerous events and programs they are involved with, as well as know your rights literature. Continue reading

Really Really Free Market

6 May
Believe it or not, the Really Really Free Market is about a whole lot more than stuff. Sure, one of the most tangible results every month is the exchange of clothes, books, shoes, cds, movies, food, appliances and more. But those are not the only important results. The model of the Really Really Free Market is such that the more important results are not nearly as tangible.
We often say that the Really Really Free Market is about community. And it is. It is a community event. But it is also an anarchist event. Continue reading

March Really Really Free Market in Holly Street Park

9 Mar


March Really Really Free Market

Springtime Anti-Capitalist Festival

Richmond Community
Saturday, March 28, 2009
12:00pm – 6:00pm
Holly Street Park in Oregon Hill
Holly Street
Richmond, VA


Come celebrate spring in Holly Street Park on the Last Saturday in March with other people in the Richmond Community. Bring things you no longer want or need to give away for free. Come to get some free stuff. Bring your talents/ skills/ stories/ poems/ music etc. to share. Come teach a workshop! Perform music or a skit. Play soccer, hula hoop, football, frisbee tag etc.
lets have a rockin good time together in the park and experience what a really really free market might be like. Continue reading

January Really Really Free Market

5 Jan


January Really Really Free Market

www. myspace. com/rvafreemarket

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Event InfoHost:
RVA Free Market
Other – Festival
Time and PlaceDate:
Saturday, January 31, 2009
12:00pm – 5:00pm
Monroe Park
Corner of Laurel and Main Streets
Richmond, VA

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Contact InfoPhone:
come share and help build a community

Continue reading

Anarchists Organize Free Market

27 Oct

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For Immediate Release October 22, 2008

Contact: Mo Karn Ramey Connelly
1-804-300-0023 1-804-519-8724
xveganarchistrvax@gmail.com connellyrn@vcu.edu

Anarchists Organize Free Market

With the recent crisis affecting the world financial sector, many people are starting to have doubts about the future of capitalism as we know it. On the last Saturday of every month, a group of Richmond Anarchists present their own plan for the economy. They call this plan the Really Really Free Market.
Unlike the current economy, goods and services at the Really Really Free Market are not bought or sold, but instead given away. “Corporations try to convince us every day that we need to buy something else in order to make ourselves more complete, but all this does is add more and more unwanted junk to the landfills and our homes.” says organizer Ramey Connelly.

Many people would think that something like this couldn’t be kept up. The organizers have found though, that most people, who come for something, bring something of their own to the market. According to organizer Mo Karn, the Free Market works because “Sharing is more fulfilling than owning.”

Like the other Free Market, the Really Really Free Market is not limited to goods you can carry home. Participants are also encouraged to share their other gifts. At past free markets, participants have come to share their musical talents, read poetry, and conduct impromptu workshops. “The Really Really Free Markets aren’t just about getting rid of junk or getting new things. It’s about building a community and creating relationships and expanding our ways of thinking.” Connelly explains “We encourage everyone from every segment of the Richmond community to come and enjoy the Really Really Free Market.”

Anyone who would like to take part in the November Really Really Free Market should come to Monroe Park, at the corner of Main and Laurel Streets on November 27th from 12pm until 6pm. You can also visit http://www.myspace.com/rvafreemarket to learn more.

Richmond October Really Really Free Market

6 Oct

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Richmond, Virginia Monthly Really Really Free Market

The October Really Really Free Market will be on Saturday October 25th from noon until 6.

The Really Really Free Market happens the last Saturday of every month in Monroe Park, at the corner of Main and Laurel.

The Really Really Free Market started in Richmond in April, with events April, June, July, August, and September. Originally held in Holly Street Park in Oregon Hill, the event now occurs monthly in Monroe Park so as to be more visible and more accessible. Some months Richmond Food Not Bombs has come with free food. There have been workshops led by community members and musical performances as well. Community members have brought games to play with each other at the market. Vegan cookies have also been known to make an appearance.

We are bombarded with messages every day that the sheer amount of things that we own is equal to the amount of success that we have had in our lives, instead of placing value on the people that we meet and the experiences that we have.

The RVA Really Really free markets (based on Really Really Free Markets [www.reallyreallyfree.org]) provide people with a chance to share the excess that they possess, to prevent the landfills from filling with stuff that will never decompose and is nowhere near the end of its usefulness, and to offer the community a chance to come together for a day of free fun in the sun! (or rain!)

So the last Saturday of every month, bring your music, your skills, your stuff, your food, and your friends and family, and help us prove that there is enough stuff in the world for everybody!

Meeting Community Needs with Community Surplus.

A really really free market is an alternative to the capitalist version of a ‘free market’ where in fact, nothing is free. The really really free market is a place where people can come bring things they no longer need or use and give them away. The really really free market is a place where people can come get the things they need for free, without having to participate in the corporate, killer market. Really really free market builds community instead of destroying it.

Any stores, restaurants, or organizations are welcome to bring their surplus items or food to share with the community.

The Really Really Free Market is not about bartering, selling, or discounting. All items are 110% free. No one has to bring something to get something. Everyone can take what they would like regardless of their contribution.

People can come to share things besides the physical. Anyone interested in sharing their skills or knowledge through a workshop should let us know or just show up and teach others. Anyone interested in performing, music or reading poetry or whatever, should contact us or just show up.

So dig through your closets, take the extra from your work, ask your parents and friends and neighbors to come to bring stuff and come to get stuff. Bring clothes, furniture, food, tapes, cds, office supplies, kitchen stuff, knick knacks, paddy whacks, etc.

The best way to make the event awesome is to advertise, so make your own fliers, tell people, mark your calenders.

Anything left at the end of the day will be taken to Diversity Thrift.

The November Really Really Free Market will be on Saturday Novemeber 29th.

The December Really Really Free Market will be on Saturday December 27th.

If anyone is interested in volunteering, helping to advertise, or finding out more information you can do so through the internet, email, or phone.
email: connellyrn@vcu.edu


call: 804 300 0023 (Mo Karn)